Our Bildungsurlaub service for schools

Get officially recognized as Bildungsurlaub Language School in Germany!

Bildungsurlaub language courses are gaining popularity continuously within employees in Germany.
We offer you a comprehensive quality Bildungusrlaub service to get your language courses recognized as Bildungsurlaub in Germany.


What is Bildungsurlaub and how does it work?

In many Federal States within Germany employees can take educational leave for 5 days a year or 10 days if they have not taken it the previous year. Therefore, your language courses have to be recognized as Bildungsurlaub by the german authorities of the different Federal States.

Our experience has shown that many language schools have troubles to manage the whole process of getting these recognitions in Germany. Due to these circumstances, we made it to our priority to help these schools with the topic “Bildungsurlaub” – fast, uncomplicated and professional.


How you profit from our 360-degree-service

Our goal is it to make the whole process of getting Bildungsurlaub recognitions the easiest and most uncomplicated for you. In order to achieve this goal, we will take all paperwork from your shoulders, so you do not have to worry about anything.
Besides saving your precious time, having courses recognized as Bildungsurlaub is also an excellent quality criteria for your school. Use our service to be able to offer as Bildungsurlaub recognized language courses to your german employees and watch your costumers gain!  

Do you have recognitions (Anerkennungsbescheide) already? In this case, we will be happy to include your school into our Bildungsurlaub recognized school data base for your successful marketing!

If you are interested in our Bildungsurlaub service or would like to have more information, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to hearing from you!



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Feedback of agents & schools

Emma Hoyle, LSI Portsmouth: "As always, you are a fount of knowledge!  Have a lovely weekend! Kind regards Emma"

Gary Clark, Bloomsbury International English School: "I have to say you are extremely good value Sebastian"

Maria Paz Miranda, Pichilemu Language School: "We are very excited to be part of this program and can't thank you and Belen and the team behind for all the assistance and support." Talk soon! Maria Paz

Anna Lena, Linguland: "Liebe Frau Gomez, ihr seid wirklich die Besten!!! Vielen Dank an Sie und auch Sebastian, mir fällt so ein Stein vom Herzen. DANKE!"

Severin, StudyLingua:"Hallo Sebastian, vielen Dank für Deine Nachricht. Ich habe Eure super Homepage bereits
gesehen, sie ist toll geworden und dies erleichtert natürlich auch unsere Arbeit ungemein."

Andreas, Direkt Sprachreisen: " Hi Sebastian, ich wollte mich noch mal generell wegen Bildungsurlaub melden. Ich weiß, ihr
seid sehr vorbildlich und fleißig und kümmert euch rechtzeitig um Verlängerungen, vielen Dank!!! Für uns sehr wichtig :-)"

Melanie, French in Normandy: " Dear Sebastian, Thank you so much for your message, that is amazing! Guess what, I was just landing on this new version of your website this afternoon, after a partner agency asked us for the list of our Bildungsurlaub accreditations, and I found it so practical and clear. So I take the opportunity here to congratulate you for this great improvement! This will help us a lot to get everything centralized!"

Dan Baruch, English in Britain: "Dear Belen, Many thanks indeed for all your help, Your service is really excellent."